The New Growing Season begins

Although the temperature is still low, the number of daylight hours is increasing quickly. The birds recognise this as their territorial bird song, courting behaviour and nest-building demonstrates. And most plants respond to day length too. Even in the cold weather the buds start to fatten, bulbs appear through snow and frost, and tree blossom starts to come out.

So ALFI gardeners are checking up on their plots and planters. At the orchard at the Jubilee Field, the apple trees have been pruned while they are still dormant. At the Westbrooke plot the daffodils, crocuses and primroses are a splash of colour alongside Lenten Street, and hopefully provide some nectar for the early bumble bees. Soon seeds will be sown indoors in seed trays, and once working parties of up to 6 are allowed again the outdoor beds and planters will be prepared and seeds sown.

On Saturday May 15th, the annual ALFI Seedling Swap will be in the Market Square as part of ATC’s Plants and Gardening market – bring your spare seedlings along to swap, or take some plants for a small donation. Spring is on its way!