Midsummer update

Lots of ALFI activity at the moment.

The children’s competition entries are in and being judged this week. Look out for results on our front page.

The plots are all looking good and being most productive. Lettuces, broad beans, radish, rocket, carrots, peas, and bunches of sweet peas have already been harvested. There will soon be potatoes, French beans, beetroot and other crops coming along.

From the new Vicarage plot there have been some strawberries, redcurrants and gooseberries.

Herbs are growing in lots of beds and planters and we hope people will snips bunches for their own use.

Up at the Jubilee field, the apple trees have a promising number of apples coming along, though the plum tree is having a rest this year.

And we have two supporters now looking after the Sensory garden at the Limes, a new venture for us.

The circular concrete planters opposite the Railway Arms are looking both decorative and productive now with a mixture of flowers and vegetables.