Westbrooke Plot

Our first working party on March 6th was on a warm, sunny afternoon, when 5 of us dug the soil out of the small raised bed, removed the many fibrous tree roots which had grown in from a neighbouring tree, and put down a permeable membrane to try to stop it happening again. We sieved the soil back in which was good exercise but hard work!. We also started some tidying up, and planted foxgloves, grape hyacinths and primroses in the shady bank at the top of the plot. Our party included a well-behaved black labrador and a 3 month old baby who slept contentedly for the whole time.

A note had recently been left in the basket where we leave produce.
“ALFI – Thank you for the excellent cabbage last week. Couldn’t find the donation box at the Station but will donate when it reappears”
How heart-warming!